Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Uni Applications... UCAS doesn't help.

Just finished my university choices! Yay! Now unfortunatly, I need to apply for the finance. And this would be so much easier if it all worked! Pisses me off that you pay for a system that doesn't work. You have to pay £21 for more then 1 university choice and there's over half million students applying ever year. You think they could put a little more money into their website budget eh?

So...left to go is Personal Statement, and the joy that is Finance. Its getting a bit depressing.

It will all be worth it though! Especially when Im off my tits, chundering in a bin behind a club and wasting my student loan on excessive amounts of Jaffa Cakes.


  1. Where did you pick bro? Personal statement is a doddle and Student Finance is easy unless you're applying for a grant in which case there's a ton of forms for your parents to fill out.

  2. Let's get on this mission like Indiana Jones!

  3. HAH. Glad I live in socialist Sweden where education is fucking free.