Friday, 1 October 2010

Forgot to add...

Just a quick post because I found something i was looking for that I didnt mention or put in...

In my last post I mentioned about how FF9 had the best music. Everyone has one of those pieces that give you goosebumps. Heres mine....

Ze best. Renaissance is the best. 

Get Classical!

I've always been a Final Fantasy fan. I think the older games (With the exception of X and the combat system of 12) that 8 and 9 were the best. And will always remain the best! The storys, characters, were all put together so well. More then anything though, is the music. When you hear a peice of music that gives you goosebumps... Its a feeling I really cant explain.

What i really want to talk about is how specific classical eras have had an influence on the composers of Final Fantasy music, and how they link it in a way that's relevant to the setting of the game. For example, alot of FF9 uses the same aspects of Renaissance. 

Anyway I'm a bit ashamed I never picked up on this before. But for my university auditions, I think I know what I'm going to perform. Or something with a similar theme...

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Uni Applications... UCAS doesn't help.

Just finished my university choices! Yay! Now unfortunatly, I need to apply for the finance. And this would be so much easier if it all worked! Pisses me off that you pay for a system that doesn't work. You have to pay £21 for more then 1 university choice and there's over half million students applying ever year. You think they could put a little more money into their website budget eh?

So...left to go is Personal Statement, and the joy that is Finance. Its getting a bit depressing.

It will all be worth it though! Especially when Im off my tits, chundering in a bin behind a club and wasting my student loan on excessive amounts of Jaffa Cakes.