Tuesday, 28 September 2010

House M.D... Poor Start.

So the new series of House M.D has begun and if Im being completely honest I don't think its opening episode was that great. I feel they brought the relationship of House and Cuddy into the drama far too early. They should of at least had maybe a few more seasons. I am happy though Thirteen is no longer in the series. I felt she was a bit of a dead end character. 

Also did anyone notice during House's conversation to Cuddy, Hugh Laurie's British accent is noticeable when he pronounces certain words? I cant remember where about it is during the episode, but its defiantly there.

Over the last 6 seasons of House M.D we've seen some really amazing season finales. And they've always been backed up by an amazing opener. Season 6 for example! Broken has to be my favourite House episode. However does anyone really think Season 7 opener was ...great? I feel so far its been a bit of a let down.


  1. i always felt that house starts out pretty slow and uneventful, but really picks up towards the end. i feel good about this season, the house/cuddy affair can go either way in terms of quality, but here's hoping.

  2. I feel the same, I'm just holding out for some underlying story after this relationship blows over. I hope this is sorta like the Tritter episodes and only lasts half a season focusing on it and more towards some more interesting plot.

    Another thing, the progression seems extremely slow in comparison to the other seasons, or might just be me since I barely got into House after season 6 ended so I never had to wait.